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CarShield is an American organization that offers vehicle administration contracts (VSCs), otherwise called maintenance arrangements. It was established in 2005 by Mark Travis.VSCs are prepared to help car owners avoid having to pay for unexpected repairs. CarShield suggests plans that cover various vehicle parts, as well as low-slung or no deductibles and the option to select your repair facility.

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Protect your family's vehicles and save! Take $50 off on the Family Savings Plan to ensure all your cars are covered affordably.



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Winter Special - Free Vehicle Inspection

Get winter-ready with CarShield! Receive a free vehicle inspection with any protection plan purchase to prepare for the cold weather.



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Welcome to CarShield! New customers enjoy 10% off on their first protection plan purchase for a limited time only.



Veteran's Day Tribute - $50 Rebate

Honoring our veterans! Receive a $50 rebate on any protection plan as a token of appreciation for your service.



Spring Cleaning Sale - 20% Off

Freshen up your car protection with CarShield! Enjoy 20% off on all plans during our Spring Cleaning Sale.


CarShield coupon code: Maintenance Your Drive and Extended Auto Warranty Plans

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CarShield warranty assuranceĀ Ā Ā 

CarShield offers an assortment of guarantee designs, each projected to take special care of various necessities and spending plans. These plans usually cover fundamental parts like the motor, transmission, electrical frameworks, and other indispensable pieces of the vehicle. The thought is to shield vehicle proprietors from surprising and possibly costly fix costs, furnishing them with inner serenity and monetary security.

Customer assuranceĀ 

Finished their extensive plans for protracted auto warranties, CarShield gives customers assurance and tranquility. With different inclusion choices, including assurance for fundamental parts like the motor and transmission, CarShield proposes to protect vehicle proprietors from surprising fix costs. The organization's commitment to consumer loyalty is reflected in additional compensations like emergency aides and charge vehicle repayment, offering an extensive answer for car security. CarShield's client pronouncement is additionally secure by certain reviews and tributes from fulfilled customersā€™ demands.

CarSheild additional benefits

CarShield offers added advantages with positive plans, including pavement assistance, compensation for rental cars, and coverage for trip interruptions. These supplementary features not only boost the overall value of the guarantee but also provide customers with a comprehensive and hassle-free automotive protection experience. As well as CarShield ensures added convenience and peace of mind for its users.

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Comprehensive Warranty - $50 Off

Drive worry-free and save $50 on a Comprehensive Warranty at CarShield

Extended Vehicle Protection - 10% Off

Secure your ride Get 10% off on Extended Vehicle Protection plans at CarShield.

Roadside Assistance Plan - 15% Off

Stay covered Enjoy 15% off on a Roadside Assistance Plan at CarShield.


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What does CarShield exclusion incorporate?

CarShield designs normally cover significant parts like the motor, transmission, and electrical bases. Obvious additions can shift because of the preferred plan.

How would I document a case with CarShield?

Contact CarShield's customer service to make a claim. They will walk you through the claims process, which may require you to provide details about the breakdown and authorize repairs at a facility that has been approved.

Do CarShield strategies integrate extra advantages?

Yes, additional benefits like roadside assistance, rental car compensation, and trip interruption coverage are included in some plans to increase the warrant's overall value.